Technique-Pen and ink

Artists use a wide variety of materials and techniques in their quest to create their images and tell stories, whether that is a sculpture, a painting, a poem, a movie, a performance, a line of computer code, a digital image or a musical piece. In the world of painting, there are many methods of media and material used to create art.

The Pen and Ink Technique

Pen and Ink drawings go back centuries to ancient cultures. The use of pen and ink allows the artist great precision and the flexibility to use many techniques to create highlight, contrast and shadow. Hatching, cross-hatching, stippling and use of thin and thick lines are a few of the techniques used. Undoubtably made famous by Leonardo de Vinci in 1494, pen and ink drawings today are typically done with black inks. Modern fine-artist ink pens also allow color to be used for more vibrant effects, but traditionally, only one color is typically used.

Paper is also an important element of the pen and ink drawing as the texture of the paper affects the line and spread of the ink, which in turns affects the entire look of the piece. One of the earliest known pen and dye drawings is from 300 BC and was drawn on papyrus.

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