About Us

We are Family Owned & Operated 

We are made up of three close family members:
Cindy, Richard and Patrick

We all have wanted to try out a business venture together and this online retail store was what we decided to do.

Cindy is Product Development. Richard is our in-house fine artist. Patrick is the Project Manager.

We are spread out between central Arkansas and northern California and are in nearly constant contact together learning about and effectively running this operation.

Our  art consists of entirely original and unique images taken from photographs, natural inspiration and imagination.

We all want to provide a high quality products and excellent customer care to our patrons. We believe in customer care rather than customer service. Our support cares for people. Excellence: care is for people; service is for toasters.

We are open to ideas and are willing to customize images to suit your tastes.

With love and dedication,
The 40 Murillo Family